Legal Regime of the Investment Funds (available only in Portuguese)

Author: Mário Tavernard Martins de Carvalho

Publishing Company: Quartier Latin

“The country arouses trust and concernment of domestic and foreign investors. Social mobility and the rise to new middle classes phenomenon drives the economy through consumption. After the euphoria of exaggerated consumerism, the emerging class is becoming aware of the need and the benefits of savings and investment. However, there remains a notable deficiency in their legal approach, in Brazil: still inadequate legislation, and scarce doctrine and jurisprudence.

Therefore, this work is extremely timely. In it, Mário Tavernard Martins de Carvalho contributes significantly to overcome the identified shortcomings. He addresses and courageously faces the delicate question of the legal nature of investment funds. He analyzes the results of his researches. He points out the controversies found. He assertively presents his thought. He draws his personal conclusions. All this with proper language and clear and pleasant style.” – Excerpt from the preface.

Corporations and capital market (available only in Portuguese)

Organizer and co-author: Mário Tavernard Martins de Carvalho

Publishing Company: Quartier Latin

This book, was released as a tribute to Prof. Osmar Brina Correa-Lima (Professor of UFMG Law School), addresses several themes related to corporations and the capital market, such as securities public offerings, conflicts, derivative contracts, controlling shareholder responsibilities, agencies problems, arbitration in corporate law, profits and losses forms of distribution, hostile takeover, stock loans and corporate governance.

The book was published in 2011 and featured the participation of renowned authors of business law, including Brazil’s STJ ministers, judges, CVM’s prosecutors and professors from leading universities in Brazil. Therefore, it is a very useful material for professionals working with corporations and capital market.

Investment Funds– Legal, Regulatory and Tax aspects (available only in Portuguese)

Co-author: Mário Tavernard Martins de Carvalho

Publishing Company: Quartier Latin

“The authors of this collective work already are fruit of this new generation of professionals, in which was demanded a more complex instrumental, that goes beyond the pure and simple privatistic analysis and our traditional formalism. Therefore, the systemic dimension of the activities of investment funds becomes clear. This recognition has been reflected in the actions of regulators, both capital market regulators, who are typically responsible for addressing the matter (and here it is worth mentioning the CVM example nº 522/2012, from which it has begun to show concern about liquidity risk management in funds), or bank regulators. This last example helps to demonstrate the complex nature of investment fund discussions. In order to allow this kind of debate, it is important to create a solid foundation, to make essential differentiations and identify what really matters in legal discussions. This is the essential step taken by this work.” – Excerpt from the Preface.

Family business – Legal studies (available only in Portuguese)

Co-author: Mário Tavernard Martins de Carvalho

Publishing Company: Saraiva

“Can it be considered operational something like a legal category of family businesses? The corporate conflicts are, or should be, legally disciplined differently when it comes to a family-owned company? What kind of specific treatment is it up to us, legal practitioners, to give to a certain conflict governed by family law or by corporate law, before a family business? In short, when conflicts interfere with family members, and vice versa, their overcoming will be guided by specific norms and juridical references (jurisprudence, doctrine, etc.); or shall they be considered as in any law conflict or family conflict?” – Excerpt from the Preface

Price Registration. Analysis of Law No. 8.666/93, Federal Decree No. 7.892/13 and other Normative Acts. Updated in accordance with Decree No. 8.250/14 (available only in Portuguese)

Co-author: Murilo Melo Vale

Publishing Company: Fórum

This book analyzes the system of Prices Registration, since the treatment granted to it by the Law No. 8.666/1993, going through the normative changes that resulted in the current Federal Decree No. 7.892/2013. The work aims to guide the practical application of the Decree, not losing sight of the scientific and critical approach necessary to the correct understanding of the norm.

Some of the analyzed aspects are related to the scope of the Prices Registration System, going through the related bidding, involving aspects of the bid, the competencies and participation of the various actors (managing agencies, participants or not), the signing of the minutes, their effects and eventual cancellation, price reviewing and the performance of non-participating agencies.

It also brings information about other Prices Registration Decrees and address the matter of Permanent Prices Registration, extrapolating and innovating the usual approach to the topic.